RV Price Avg. price per ton: R4 912.55  D'Factor: 0.430984 October 2020-2021


VISION – To grow the long-term profitability and sustainability of the South African cane growing sector.

MISSION – To play a leading role in growing sugarcane and diverse production opportunities for cane growers through innovation, research, specialised services and products.

SA CANEGROWERS is delivering on its Vision and Mission through Strategic Themes based on the industry’s fundamental Value Proposition as follows:

  • Profitability throughout the value chain by promoting diverse production on farms and an industry regulatory framework empathetic to the cane growing sector.
  • Sustainability – through innovation, research, development and ongoing up-to-date credible industry economic analysis.
  • Transformation that is ethical and informed resulting in the promotion of authentic diversity in the value chain while simultaneously developing like-minded leadership among individuals who will serve on fully integrated grower representative structures.
  • Communication and Stakeholder engagement that is proactive, credible and sincere and aims to affirm the association’s value proposition to its members and stakeholders while affirming the SA Canegrowers’ brand.

Further, SA CANEGROWERS is delivering on these Strategic Themes through the use of specialised systems, services and products and by promoting positive and constructive collaboration and partnerships with a clear view on the enhancement of its value to its members and the greater sugarcane grower body in South Africa.