RV Price Avg. price per ton: R4 525.34  D'Factor: 0.414130 May 2020-2021


Our Structures

The strength of SA CANEGROWERS lies in its democratic structures which through a series of representative structures enables all growers to participate in decision-making processes up to the highest level while at the same time providing a communication channel from the highest level to the grass roots grower in the countryside. An important aspect of SA CANEGROWERS’ organisation is the fact that the decision making, communication and consultative process takes place on an ongoing basis throughout the year. In addition, organisational structures provide for adequate representation and communication with all members.

Board of Directors

Appointed annually by the Congress of growers and conducts all the affairs of organisation in accordance with the policy decided by the Congress.


Consists of members elected by the Local Grower Council and is the policy making body of the organisation. Answerable to its member organisations in the determination of policy.

Local Grower Councils

Most important grower body within a cane supply area. It brings together all grower interests in that area and is responsible for handling all local cane supply area problems experienced by growers.

Member Organisations

The primary organisation on which SSA CANEGROWERS is based. These provide the forum for all individual growers to discuss matters of local concern and put forward ideas for discussion at higher levels of the organisation.

Individual Growers

Produce on average 20 million tons cane. On average, 1 4257 large scale growers and 20 269 small scale growers.