RV Price Avg. price per ton: R4 912.55  D'Factor: 0.430984 October 2020-2021


You can download all of our COVID-19 related content below.

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C19  Government Regulations Download
C19 CIPC registration portal Link
C19 Safe workplaces - English Download
C19 Safe workplaces - Afrikaans Download
C19 Safe workplaces - isiZulu Download
C19 FAQ - English - updated Download
C19 FAQ - Afrikaans - opgedateer Download
C19 Essential Services Permit - updated 30 April 2020 Download
C19 Guide for suspected infection - English Download
C19 Guide for suspected infection - Afrikaans Download
C19 DoL farm inspection protocol Download
C19 Risk Assessment - updated Download

C19 Risk Assessment Template - updated 5 May 2020

**Updates to this document are highlighted in yellow with two additional columns added into the Farm Visitors' Register Tab.  A further tab has been added which includes a questionnaire for visitors to your farms. These questions may be updated from time-to-time.

C19 Agric Transport regulations Download
C19 Financial support - SA Canegrowers advice Download
C19 Small Business Relief Download
C19 Tax support Download
 C19 videos for isiZulu speakers  Link
C19 Emergency Food Relief legalities - English version Download
C19 Emergency Food Relief legalities - Afrikaans version Download