RV Price Avg. price per ton: R4 525.34  D'Factor: 0.414130 May 2020-2021

Irrigated North

Mills Komati, Malelane, Pongola
Cutting cycle 12 months
Area Irrigated
Rainfall 400mm per annum.
Benefits Flat topography
Challenges High electricity and water input costs
  Opportunities for diversification

SA Canegrowers has positioned itself to specialise in these challenges to provide the best possible service to growers.

Komati and Malalane (formerly Malelane) production regions, which border the Kruger National Park, Mozam­bique as well as Swaziland, vary from 100m to 800m above sea level with temperatures between 3°C and 4°C between Komati and Malalane. The climate is well suited to grow cane as well as other subtropical commodities, making it ideal for diversification.

Pongola, also known as uPhongolo in isiZulu, is a small town situated in a beautiful and fertile valley on the N2, near the Lubombo Mountains, in Zululand. It is a unique and tranquil subtropical environment, with 50km2 of sugarcane and subtropical fruit plantations. During The Depression years of the 1930s, radical irrigation systems were started in Pongola. The town thrived because of the canal system and a sugar mill that was built.