RV Price Avg. price per ton: R4 525.34  D'Factor: 0.414130 May 2020-2021


MillsEston, UCL, Noodsberg
Cutting cycle12 - 24 months
Rainfall600mm – 900mm per annum. Only 5% of total area under can is irrigated.
BenefitsPredominantly flat topography
 Sources of water available (dams, rivers & boreholes)
ChallengesPest & Diseases are common

The Midlands, a sea of green waves of cane as far as the eye can see, has a production cycle is generally 22 to 24 months with some annual cane. Planting takes place from late August into end March. Climatically, it is relatively cool and dry and rainfall is concentrated in the warmer summer months, with frost in some areas.

The farming community comprises around 416 commercial farmers and about 1 706 small-scale farmers. There are three operating sugar mills, with a combined milling capacity of 3 610 000 tons.