RV Price Avg. price per ton: R4 606.99  D'Factor: 0.417206 June 2020-2021

The Sugar Road Transport Management System

The sugar industry transports about 22 million tons of cane and 2.5 million tons of sugar by road each year. During 2007, driven by a concern about safety, impending legislation, improving efficiencies and reducing costs, the sugar industry decided to introduce a road transport system (RTMS). RTMS aims mainly at reducing overloading through self-regulation, but also provides for the implementation of an accreditation system for sugarcane hauliers. Not only does overloading have a negative impact on the road infrastructure but it compromises road safety, economic operation and contributes towards the unfair competition between hauliers. In addition, self-regulation of overloading assists the Road Transport Inspectorate who can only weigh a small percentage of loads in their endeavours to reduce overloading. For all these reasons, the Minister of Transport and the Department of Transport, both locally and nationally, fully support the program and in fact have been the project sponsors for the KwaZulu-Natal project.