RV Price Avg. price per ton: R4 525.34  D'Factor: 0.414130 May 2020-2021

South Coast

Mills Sezela, Umzimkulu
Cutting cycle Coastal 12 - 14 months
  Inland and Hinterland 16 – 24 months
Area Dryland
Rainfall 700mm – 1000mm per annum.
Benefits Favorable climate conditions
  Opportunities for diversification
Challenges Steep Topography
  High production costs
  Mechanisation opportunities limited

The KwaZulu-Natal South Coast is a collection of grassy slopes, subtropical forests, perpetually sunny weather, sugarcane, warm Indian Ocean currents, golden beaches, lagoons, rocky coves, and vegetation. Sugarcane is grown in coastal, hinterland and inland climates and produced under dryland conditions, with a small area under supplementary irrigation. The split is about 50% coastal and 50% hinterland/inland.

The area has a long history of sugarcane production with the first mill opening at Isipingo during 1856.