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SA celebs thank farmers for the food during lockdown

SA celebs thank farmers for the food during lockdown

BY: Colleen Dardagan 09 Apr 2020 Filed in: General Agriculture News

A campaign to thank South Africa's farmers for providing food during the pandemic crisis is underway as community organisation #PayFoodForward gets some of the country's most well known celebrities, government officials, journalists, authors and many others to post videos on their Facebook page and Twitter account paying tribute to the agriculture value chain.

Watch the videos here

On the #PayFoodForward Facebook page the founders of the organisation, which include agriculture associations and corporations, say:

"We wish to honour South African farmers and farm workers. In this time we can all be assured of one thing: That there will be enough wholesome food to keep the country fed. But also spare a thought for those who don’t know where their next meal is going to come from. #PayFoodForward."