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Coca-Cola SA seedcane as high as an elephant's eye

Coca-Cola SA seedcane as high as an elephant's eye

BY: Colleen Dardagan 21 May 2020 Filed in: Canegrowers News

Just six months after planting, N59 seedcane planted in the Madwaleni area near Umfolozi in northern KwaZulu-Natal is showing its promise with harvesting of the 1.5ha planted set down for August this year.

Coca-Cola SA through its Mintirho Foundation provided funding to SA Canegrowers for the production of high quality and clean seedcane for small-scale growers throughout South Africa's sugar industry.  N59 is a rainfed variety that is also resistant to pest and disease infestations making it highly suitable for an area where frequent dry spells are common.

The seedcane plots are also creating employment opportunities for contractors working in the sugar growing industry in rural areas.