Annual Cost and Labour Productivity Surveys

Annual Cost and Labour Productivity Surveys


The SA Canegrowers’ Economic Research Manager Richard Nicholson would like to remind sugarcane growers across the South African industry to participate in the annual Cost and Labour productivity Surveys for the 2022/23 season.

SA Canegrowers has used the information gathered from the data since 1933 to accurately and effectively lobby the South African government and other industry players and partners to secure a sustainable operating environment for the domestic sugarcane growing sector.

Nicholson urged growers to participate saying that if they were pressed for time they could submit their annual income statement generated by their accountants or they can provide him with the contact details for their accounting officers and the SA Canegrowers’ office would contact them directly for the information.

“The grower Cost Survey helps us to get an understanding of the operating expenses linked to the production of sugarcane in the country while the Labour Productivity Survey shows us the cost of employing labour for the daily farming operations in the industry. Participation is of immense value to us,” Nicholson said.

The deadline for submission is February 28, 2024

For further information email Richard on the address

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