Credible research-based information is critical for the success of South Africa’s sugarcane growing sector.
The ongoing economic research and analysis conducted by SA Canegrowers are regularly provided to various stakeholders which range from the country’s banks and to the governmentThe research is often peer reviewed through the submission of papers to academic conferences where results and outcomes are validated by and contribute to the industry body of knowledge.

Key research projects undertaken by SA Canegrowers on an annual basis include:

  • Large-scale Grower Cost Survey
  • Small-scale Grower Cost Survey
  • The continued contribution of academic research presented at the annual South African Sugar Technologists’ Association Congress and the annual International Association of Professionals in Sugar & Integrated Technologies (IAPSIT) Congress
  • Agribenchmarking using typical farm models used by the international Agribenchmark network.
  • Academic papers submitted to SASTA and IAPSIT

Economic Research monthly stats update

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Annual Cane Planting costs

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