Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Let us all make a choice to buy South African sugar! Because there is no place like Home Sweet Home.

Did you know that the South African sugar industry supports over one million livelihoods, mostly in poor rural areas in the country? 

However, the future of the local industry is under serious threat due to a major increase in cheap sugar imports flowing into our country in recent years, which has led to a massive reduction in local sugar sales.

It is estimated that for every ton of imported sugar that flows into the country, the South African sugar industry loses R4000.  Last year, cheap sugar imports cost the local industry R2.2 billion alone, putting hundreds and thousands of jobs at risk.  

But we can all help to turn this situation around. 

Buy simply buying one 2.5 kg bag of local sugar, you can help safeguard the 1 million livelihoods that depend on local industry and also contribute to small-scale grower development. 

And, you will also be putting a superior product in your trolley, in light of the local industry producing some of the best quality sugar in the world. Which means everyone wins. 

What to look out for when buying a bag of sugar

So, the next time sugar is on your shopping list, check the back of the bag to make sure it says that it is produced in South Africa. Or look out for the Proudly South Africa logo. 

If we all commit to this simple act we can help save the local sugar industry and make a significant contribution towards rural job creation, economic growth and transformation in the country. 

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