SA Canegrowers

SA Canegrowers elects 2022/23 Board

Landmark AGM marks leadership change for the organisation’s 95th years in existence

In a show of confidence in the leadership, the SA Canegrowers’ Congress re-elected the Chairperson, Andrew Russell, and the current board.

Vice-Chairperson Graeme Stainbank stepped down from that position with the gratitude of the organisation for the generous contribution of his experience and knowledge. Higgins Mdluli, an established grower and respected leader in the organisation, will take up the position of Vice-Chairperson alongside Kiki Mzoneli. 

The new chairpersons and members of the SA Canegrowers Board for 2022/2023 are:

Chairman:           AM Russell (Andrew)

Vice Chair:          NS Mzoneli (Kiki)

Vice Chair:          PH Mdluli (Higgins)

Directors:            GDP Littley (David)

DH Lütge (Dieter)

MM Msimango (Mfundo)

TJ Murray (Tim)

ST Naidoo (Suresh)

RM Ncwane (Rejoice)

DR Ntuli (Dipuo)

P Sharma (Pratish)

TB Sibisi (Tim)

GD Stainbank (Graeme)

REG Talmage (Rex) (SASA Grower Nominee)

From left front: Rex Talmage (SASA Vice-Chair), Tim Murray, Kiki Mzoneli (Vice-Chair), Tim Sibisi, Dipuo Ntuli, Rejoice Ncwane, Mfundo Msimango.

From left back: Andrew Russell (Chairman), Pratish Sharma, Dieter Lütge, Graeme Stainbank, Higgins Mdluli (Vice Chair), Suresh Naidoo.

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