• September 2018
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The South African Cane Growers’ Association is the national organization representing South Africa’s approximately 23 866 independent sugar cane growers, who operate mainly on small family farms and annually produce on average 19.9 million tons of cane, farm in excess of 371 662 hectares under sugar cane and make a substantial contribution to the economy, mainly in rural areas.

The democratic nature of the of the South African Cane Growers’ Association representative structure provides opportunity for the election of any individual cane grower to the board of directors and officer bearer positions in the organization.

The organisation’s specialist services ensures that all local grower structures and individual growers are supported in economic, industrial, technical and institutional matters.

In addition, The South African Cane Growers’ Association provides opportunity for growers to improve and enhance their technical, financial and leadership skills.

What We Do

SA Canegrowers’ mission is to lead, protect, communicate and serve the interests of cane growers.

SA Canegrowers’ vision is to secure a sustainable South African cane growing sector that maximizes the value of sugar cane in an agro-industrial environment. We will do this through the following objectives:

  • Ensure SA Canegrowers is the duly mandated representative of all cane growers in South Africa.
  • Be effective visionary and innovative leaders within the diverse cane growing communities.
  • Ensure that all cane growers are able to receive fair value for all the components of the sugar cane plant.
  • Provide appropriate services to enhance the sustainability of all cane growers.
  • Provide effective protection of growers’ interests through lobbying advocacy and communication.
  • Ensure unity of growers through appropriate structures.

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