SA Canegrowers

May 2024-25 RV Price = R7339.01, d factor = 0.499865


RV Price Commentary

The latest provisional RV Price for the 2024/25 season, has been declared at R7 339.01 per RV ton. This represents a considerable decrease of R136.53 from last month’s price estimate.

 The lower RV Price estimate is mostly due to a reduced season weighted-average estimated No. 11 world sugar price (US21.01c/lb. vs US22.12c/lb.). Other negative factors included a stronger season weighted-average estimated Rand to US Dollar Exchange rate (R18.75/US$ vs R18.83/US$) and a decrease in the sugar to RV ratio (94.53% vs 94.97%), mostly attributed to the lower ‘d’ factor estimate (0.4999 vs 0.5263). A marginal positive price factor this month is a decline in the gross sugar production estimate (2.100m vs 2.107m).

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