The role of good corporate governance and accountable management is a key priority at SA Canegrowers. SA Canegrowers is a non-profit company as defined by the South African Companies Act. Due to its high public interest score, SA Canegrowers is required to comply with additional components of the Act of which an annual audit by independent auditors and a Social and Ethics Committee top the list. Along with the key legislation that is applicable to the organisation, the Board also operates under the SA Canegrowers’ Code of Conduct, Board of Governors Charter and Organisations Code of Ethics, which includes the duty of care. The resilience of SA Canegrowers continues to be highlighted in the ability of the organisation to adapt to the challenges it continues to face. The organisation continues to operate at all levels while faced with continued challenges linked to the sustainability of the sugar sector and the lingering impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the global and domestic economy. Further challenges have included political unrest in KwaZulu-Natal and devastating floods. The responsiveness of the Board and staff during the unrest in 2021, as well as the support given to growers is testament to the resilience and empathy inherent in the organisation.

The governance structure includes the following: 

  • Local Grower Councils at each mill area representing growers delivering to that mill area.
  • Congress of Growers populated by representatives from each of the Local Growers Councils
  • Board of Directors elected by the Congress
Dr Thomas Funke - CEO
Olivia Finnemore - Finance Executive

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